Studios and Equipment

When it comes to dubbing films, series or even audiobooks, you simply cannot do without the spirited enthusiasm of the voice-over artists and the excitement of the team. However, it’s always the professional equipment of the studio and the media equipment that form the basis for this. Find out what we have to offer right here.

"Luise" studio

Studio Size: 48 sq.m. Director: 22 sq.m. Record: 26 sq.m.

"Friedrich" studio

Studio Size: 43 sq.m. Director: 20 sq.m. Record: 23 sq.m.

"Auguste" studio

Studio Size: 36 sq.m. Director: 16 sq.m. Record: 20 sq.m.

The media equipment

Soundcraft Si Expression
Neumann U 87 Ai, MKH 50, Schoeps CMIT 5U, DPA 4060-OL-C-B00, SM58
Recording software:
Pro Tools Ultimate
Taker software:
EuroController HD
LCR - Neumann KH 310 A / KH 120 A
Level meters:
RTW TM3-Primus, Izotope Insight 2