About us

Fritzton GmbH was founded in 2015 and carries out production work at three sound and dubbing studios in Berlin Charlottenburg. The idea to establish our own sound studio was born in May 2014 on a balcony in Flensburg. Almost exactly two years later, construction work started for our studios, which are located not far from Charlottenburg Palace.

It is the final resting place of Queen Luise, whose full title was Duchess Luise Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and her husband Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. In memory of this piece of Prussian regional history, we named our three remarkable sound studios after these model royals.

Peter Minges

Fritzton Studio Berlin - Peter Minges - Geschäftsführer


Sabine Hinrichs

Fritzton Studio - Sabine Hinrichs, Geschäftsführerin


Christopher Gropp

Chief Audio Engineer
 Christopher Gropp Chef-Tonmeister