Your sound and dubbing studios in Berlin

Welcome to Fritzton GmbH. Have a seat at one of our three sound studios in the heart of Berlin and discover the perfect atmosphere for any kind of audio recordings or dubbing.

You have three studios to choose from: ‘Luise’, ‘Friedrich’ and ‘Auguste’. Each of them is equipped with air conditioning and windows that let in the daylight. Their names are a small nod to Charlottenburg Palace, which is located close to the studios. To make you feel right at home, we can offer you a selection of coffee and tea as well as all kinds of sweets and healthy snacks for you to enjoy at any time.

Learn about the comprehensive range of services offered at our sound and dubbing studios in Berlin Charlottenburg below.

We’ll find the right sound for anything

Dubbing and ADR

Do you have a funny animated film, a rousing cinema film or a thrilling TV series and all you need now is the perfect sound to go with it? Then why not rent one of our three Fritzton dubbing studios in the heart of Berlin?

They have all the media equipment you need, as well as a stimulating atmosphere for recording voiceovers. We can even do audio dubbing at our studios as part of your post-production process. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re interested.

Voice recordings for radio plays and audiobooks

Whenever we read a book, its characters come to life in our heads – whether it’s best-selling literature, a detective novel, a children’s classic or a non-fiction book. To ensure the success of your book’s audio, Fritzton will provide you with the space to create high-quality and expressive voice recordings for audiobooks and radio plays.

Our sound designers are veritable masters when it comes to recording technology and sound design, which means that you’ll be able to efficiently dub your radio plays and audiobooks. If you need more help preparing your voice recordings, please feel free to contact us.

Adding sound to learning materials and edutainment productions

High-quality audio recordings can help you make your educational videos, educational audiobooks and other educational media interesting and multilayered.

Rent one of Fritzton’s three sound studios and package seemingly dull topics or a professional edutainment product for social media in a sound that’ll get your target audience listening.

Recordings for your podcast

Record your podcasts in our state-of-the-art facilities with the support of our experienced sound engineers. Whether it’s a social cause, creative work or related to history, education and science – we’ll assist you in getting your message heard.

Clients like the KIgA, Kreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus, the podcast platform Podimo, or the Berlin “Prime Time Theater”, all regularly produce their podcast episodes with us. Upon request, we also create tailor-made jingles and drones. Right from the beginning, we’ll accompany and advise you, to ensure your podcast production goes in one ear … and not out the other.

Language localisation of video games

Whether adventure games, platformers, dancing and sports games or tactical role-playing games – every exciting video game needs strong voices that inform, motivate, excite and fascinate the players.

If you want to meet and surpass the expectations of the gaming community, then choose one of Fritzton’s sound studios in Berlin Charlottenburg. We’ll gladly find the perfect voice-over artists for your game’s characters and give you access to our sound studios with their outstanding media equipment.

Voice recordings for advertisements

Only authentic adverts tailored for their target audience sell. This starts with setting and ends with successful audio. Fritzton’s sound and dubbing studios can dub your promotional films for TV, radio and the internet as well as revoice international advertising productions.

In addition to voice recordings for lively radio adverts, memorable television advertising or online adverts that go viral, we would also be happy to help you prepare your audio recordings. Do you need voice-over artists, editors, floor managers or a fruit plate to give you an energy boost? Get all this and more at our sound and dubbing studios in Berlin Charlottenburg!

Additional information

At each of our three sound studios, a sound designer will be there to lend you support. We would also be more than happy to find you an editor, floor manager or voice-over artists if you need them for your audio recordings or dubbing.

Have you found everything you’re looking for? Then get to know our three sound studios. We’ll gladly answer all of your questions. Just give us a ring or drop by for a cup of coffee.