Your sound and dubbing studios in Berlin

Interested in hiring a sound studio in Berlin? Then Fritzton GmbH has the perfect solution for you.
We have three sound and dubbing studios in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district, where you can have films, TV series, commercials, podcasts or even an exclusive corporate film or industrial video dubbed or record voiceovers.
Here you can find out about our services and the equipment at our three sound and dubbing studios – thanks for your interest!

We’ll find the right sound for anything

Dubbing and ADR

Rent one of our three dubbing studios and give the finishing touches to your animated film, cinema film or TV series with high-quality dubbing.

Voice recordings for radio plays and audiobooks

With voice recordings full of character for radio plays and audiobooks, we bring children’s book heroes, detective superintendents or non-fiction book narrators to life in the minds of the readers.

Dubbing for learning materials and edutainment productions

At Fritzton’s dubbing and sound studios, you will have access to the ideal technical equipment to audibly enhance your educational videos, educational audiobooks and other edutainment products with high-quality voice recordings.

Language localisation of video games

This kind of work comes easy to us. By putting our professional sound engineering to use, we can breathe life into your adventure games, platformers, dancing and sports games or even tactical role-playing games.

Voice recordings for advertisements

Only authentic advertising will grab the attention of its intended audience. At Fritzton’s sound and dubbing studios, your promotional films for TV, radio and the internet will be dubbed and your international advertising productions will be revoiced.

Recordings for your podcast

Fritzton GmbH is one of the most experienced podcast studios in Berlin. We offer you years of experience in the development, preparation and production of podcasts.